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Affiliate’s Role and Contribution
University of Puerto Rico Central Administration PDF Print E-mail

University of Puerto Rico Central AdministrationIs the Consortium’s Lead Institution.  The Consortium management and fiscal transactions are carried out by the Resource Center for Science and Engineering.

University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez PDF Print E-mail

University of Puerto Rico at MayagüezHosts the Jurisdiction’s NASA Educator Resource Center (ERC) that provides NASA educational materials to in-service teachers, pre-service teachers, and informal educators in coordination with NASA Kennedy Space Center.  They carry out a range of training activities designed to help the teachers learn how to implement effectively new NASA content and NASA educational materials in their pedagogy. UPR Mayagüez is also the Puerto Rico Training Center for the Mathematics and Physics Olympiads. 

UPR Mayagüez Planetarium PDF Print E-mail

UPR Mayagüez Planetarium Receives groups of students of elementary, middle and high school from all over the Island throughout the academic year. They receive two contact hours of exciting education that is aligned beforehand with the curricular standards and the topics being covered in their science courses.

University of Puerto Rico at Río Piedras PDF Print E-mail

University of Puerto Rico at Río PiedrasStudents develop the Rocket Satellite Project. Undergraduate students take a two-semester course in which they design and build a science payload that is subsequently launched using a sounding rocket at NASA Wallops during summer. The rocket has an ejectable skin and nose cone that will expose experiments to the space environment fully at apogee.

University of Puerto Rico at Humacao PDF Print E-mail

University of Puerto Rico at Humacao Students carry out undergraduate research at the National Undergraduate Research Observatory (NURO). NURO is a consortium of undergraduate institutions from around the country, both public and private, that have joined together to provide training and research experiences for their students. Together they share 120 nights per year on Lowell Observatory's 31-inch telescope. UPR Humacao also mentors teams of high school and college students to participate in the annual NASA Great Moonbuggy Race. Organized by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, the race challenges students to design, build and race lightweight, human-powered buggies.

University of Puerto Rico at Cayey PDF Print E-mail

University of Puerto Rico at Cayey Implements a range of Astronomy/Astrophysics workshops and conferences targeted at in-service teachers and informal educators. These training activities are designed around pertinent NASA missions, such as Cassini, Kepler and Mars Exploration Rovers.

University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo PDF Print E-mail

University of Puerto Rico at AreciboHosts the Jurisdiction’s NASA Aerospace Lab (AEL). The AEL is a state-of-the-art, electronically enhanced, computerized classroom that puts cutting-edge technology at the fingertips of middle and high school students. It engages students in real world challenges relative to both aeronautics and space exploration. The AEL houses real aerospace hardware and software including an Advanced Flight Simulator, a laboratory-grade, a research wind tunnel, and a working, short-wave radio receiver and hand-held global positioning systems, or GPS, for aviation. UPR Arecibo also hosts the Integrated Science Multi-use Laboratory (ISMuL). This innovative, multi-level, multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary project has been designed to promote the advancement of education in Science, Math and Technology using a variety of strategies and approaches. ISMuL implements a range of training activities designed to help the teachers learn how to implement effectively new NASA content and NASA educational materials in their pedagogy.

University of Puerto Rico at Bayamón PDF Print E-mail

University of Puerto Rico at Bayamón Students develop a prototype solar powered vehicle capable of moving through rough terrain. They host an annual competition in which teams of students are able to independently test and showcase the vehicles they designed and built. UPR Bayamón is a 4‑year college that has partnered with UPR Río Piedras, a research institution, to provide undergraduate research experiences to a group of students each semester.

University of Puerto Rico at Carolina PDF Print E-mail

University of Puerto Rico at Carolina Develops high-impact outreach activities targeted at large audiences composed of pre-college students, teachers and the general public. They combine distinguished speakers from PR and Mainland, and education/technology exhibitions, which attract the participation of whole schools with teachers and parents that attend these events. The campus has the facilities and logistics to successfully handle these public activities.

Ana G. Méndez University System PDF Print E-mail

Ana G. Méndez University System Hosts the Regional OSHA Training Center in the Bayamón Campus that provides lab safety training and expertise for college and pre-college students. They also implement the Geoteachers Professional Development Program at the Jayuya Campus aimed at middle and high school in-service teachers from the mountainous areas of central PR.

Inter American University at Bayamón PDF Print E-mail

Inter American University at BayamónImplements the PR Cube Satellite Project (CubeSat). A cubesat is a miniaturized satellite (10x10x10 cm, weighing 1 kg) which contains all the satellite subsystems such as (attitude determination and control, telecommunications, power, solar panels, onboard computer, and science payload). The PR CubeSat involves IAU students and also students from other engineering schools in PR and Mainland. The ongoing project is to build a real world cubesat to be actually launched and placed in orbit by NASA.

PR Astronomy Society PDF Print E-mail

PR Astronomy SocietyImplements education and outreach activities for the general public, including a monthly Astronomy lecture at the Bayamón Science Park and two monthly Astronomy observation activities ("star parties") in places away from the city. They publish a Popular Astronomy magazine titled "The Observer" that is distributed free of charge to members. They also provide Astronomy lectures and telescope viewing sessions on request to schools, colleges, summer camps, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations.

Polytechnic University PR PDF Print E-mail

Polytechnic University provides undergraduate research experiences and robotics projects to engineering students.

PR NASA Explorer School PDF Print E-mail

PR NASA Explorer SchoolDevelops a range of STEM educational activities for middle school students at Marcelino Canino School in Dorado, PR.  STEM education in this school is coordinated with non-science teachers in order to reinforce Math, Science and Language skills through the coherent choice of topics and content across the curriculum, while meeting the federal and state standards for the pertinent grades. This project is also inclusive of special education students and all students covered under the American with Disabilities Act.

Arecibo Observatory PDF Print E-mail

National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center (Arecibo Observatory) Hosts undergraduate students during summers to carry out a summer research project under the guidance of scientists of the National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center (NAIC). They also implement a series of educational activities for students and the general public at NAIC’s Visitor’s Center.

PR Department of Education PDF Print E-mail

PR Department of Education

Implements structured professional development workshops requiring 16 contact hours or more for in-service STEM teachers with the participation of active researchers and scientists.

StarBase Puerto Rico PDF Print E-mail

StarBase Puerto Rico Provides premier teaching experiences to pre-service teachers a part of their training to become teachers prepared to educate the highly skilled American workforce that can meet the advanced technological requirements of the Nation. StarBase is an educational program sponsored by the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs.  At StarBase students participate in challenging "hands-on, mind-on" activities in STEM. The program provides students with 20-25 hours of stimulating experiences.

EcoExploratorium PDF Print E-mail

EcoExploratoriumWill be Puerto Rico’s premier science and technology education center and will serve as an extension to the formal science and math classroom education, a science-based research facility, a center of scientific and technology exchange with the world. This first-of-its-kind initiative will engage the community in exploring science, technology and the environment and will ensure that the students of Puerto Rico become inspired to explore, share and protect the unique natural environment of their island home.  As the meeting point or center of gravity for local, national and international scientists and partnerships, the EcoExploratorio will position Puerto Rico as the scientific destination of the Caribbean.



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